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8 Decor Tips To Achieve a Calming Design

Designing A Calming Living Space on Guam

The way we design our home and work environments can have a calming or chaotic effect on our mood or mindset. This might seem like a common sense idea. However, most people don’t consider how much time we spend in our homes and how that environment impacts how we feel on a daily basis. With this in mind, let’s help you kick the chaos and embrace calm with these 10 simple but powerful home decor techniques that will help you live a more Zen Life.

Tip #1 Find Calm In Colors

Opt for warm colors. Warm colors tend to advance toward your eye to create a more intimate feel. Colors have different degrees of warmth, depending on the shade you pick. The key to selecting a calming color is to consider how color stimulates the brain. For example, a vibrant cool yellow will excite the mind will warm yellows with orange undertones will create a cozier space.

Tip #2 Embrace The Minimalist Concept

Get organized. Clearing away clutter will instantly make any space look more serene. We might not all be Guam’s Leo Babauta of Zen Habits but we can certainly take a lesson from his minimalist lifestyle. I once heard a man say I’d like everything to have a purpose and for that purpose to be useful. It’s a bit comedic but we tend to collect and hold on to so many things that don’t value to our lives. Imagine a clean slate in your home. Pairing down is a simple way to remove chaos and invite calmness in your life.

Tip #3 Take Advantage of Guam’s Natural Lighting

Guam is the perfect location to take advantage of natural lighting. We quite literally cannot escape the sun. So use it to your advantage. Minimize your harsh overhead lights and high wattage bulbs and replace with some sheer curtains that let the natural light in. During the evenings use light dimmers, floor or table lamps, or even some mood setting candle light.

Tip #4 Create Visual Consistency

Work with the space you’ve got. If you need to tie together a big area, consider decorating with patterns. A striped couch will make your living room look cozier. On the other hand, when you’re trying to feel less cramped, select furniture with legs and cutouts and clear tops to maximize your air space.

Tip #5 Water Noise

Get a water fountain. The sound of running water has appealed to people for centuries. You can even get desktop fountains or indoor water wall features. You don’t have to go out to buy an expensive water feature. Infact, if you’re lucky enough to live on one of Guam’s famous beachfronts , cracking a window will do wonders. However, for those a bit further away from the seashore a simple mp3 file or youtube ocean playlist will work. Streaming soothing water noise on your favorite speaker is a great way to set a calm mood indoors.

Tip #7 Highlight Calming Scents

Pick up a diffuser. Diffuser kits with natural reeds will disperse scent for months. That way you can avoid the safety risks of leaving burning candles unattended.  Rely on traditional scents. Oils like lavender, chamomile and sandalwood are old favorites because they work well for calming the mind. If you have a green thumb, try some living herbs.

Tip #8 Splurge on Mattress Comfort

Pay attention to your bedding. You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so turn your bed into a comfort zone. Stock up on feather beds, soft flannel sheets and plush comforters.

Final Thoughts about Creating A Zen Living Space On Guam

Transform your home and office with design choices that will help you breathe easier and reduce your stress levels. Especially if you’re coping with a demanding schedule, create rooms that accommodate all your senses and help you feel composed. This will bring you peace not only at home, but everywhere you go.

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